My default apps at the end of 2023

As the end of the year approaches, numerous trendsetting individuals are sharing their curated list of preferred tools on their blogs.

Newspipe 10.0.0

I am thrilled to announce the release of Newspipe version 10.

Night troubles

Photons are dying. Eyelids are still blinking. Clock is ticking.

pyHIDS 0.8.0

The new version of pyHIDS offers the integration of MISP and of YARA.

pyHIDS 0.6.1

The new version of pyHIDS features the integration of Hashlookup and Pandora.

Me, but you, but me

I have friends, of course. But today, two people in this world are granted a deep access (read and write) to my soul.

École de Musique Associative du Val Sierckois

Une fois n’est pas coutume, ce billet est une petite publicité pour la jeune École de Musique Associative du Val Sierckois, basée à Sierck-Les-Bains.

Back from holidays… and with new photos !

We are back from our 2 weeks trip in South West of France.

A “now” page

Since the month of March there is now page on this website.

Freshermeat 0.8.1

I’ve recently released Freshermeat 0.8.1 and Freshermeat 0.8.0, which contains bug fixes, some backend improvements (especially for the CVE fetcher) and a brand new API based on the Flask-RESTX library.