Here’s what I do now, when this page was updated on June 1, 2022.
This page is inspired by a good idea from Derek Sivers.


Taking care of my family.

Finishing, slowly, this house. Currently mainly working in the garden.


Working on various open-source projects (personally and professionally).

Released an important update for Freshermeat.


Having fun playing piano.
Let’s prepare some kind of formation with Élisabeth and her double bass We will be ready in a few years… or months for an early test. For the moment we try to practice everyday. At least, it’s what I do ;-)


Finished “Premier sang”. Now reading “Une auberge dans la tempête”.


Just planed the next holidays for this summer !

Ramping up my workouts like I never did.

Thinking about a brand new website… it’s a surprise.

Almost stopped watching TV (Netflix and all the rest…) since months.