Mais qu’est-ce que la collection de données?

Aidez le service national des renseignements des États-Unis à définir la collection de données.

[..]Director of National Intelligence James Clapper likened the NSAs accumulation of data to a library. All those books are stored on the shelves, but very few are actually read. “So the task for us in the interest of preserving security and preserving civil liberties and privacy,” says Clapper, “is to be as precise as we possibly can be whe we go in that library and look for the books that we need to open up and actually read.” Only when an individual book is read does it count as “collection,” in government parlance.
So, think of that friend of yours who has thousands of books in his house. According to the NSA, hes not actually “collecting” books. Hes doing something else with them, and the only books he can claim to have “collected” are the ones hes actually read.[..]

Ainsi la surveillance de masse non ciblée n’est pas de la collection de données.

Vous vous rappelez peut-être de James R. Clapper, le directeur des renseignements qui ne sait pas mentir.

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